high strength coupled with high temperature performance

A20X™ Alloy POWDERs

A20X™ powder has been developed into several alloy types to meet the demands of various industries and applications.

The original A205 alloy is the main alloy and can be used for all applications requiring high strength, good high temperature performance, and provides good resistance to stress corrosion. The highest strength and corrosion resistance can be achieved by following a carefully developed T7 heat treatment cycle, but the alloy can also be used in either standard stress relieved, and T6 conditions.

WhICH A20X™ Powder?

  • A205 – standard gas atomised powder
  • A205/F1 – lower content TiB2 gas atomised powder
  • A207 – a silver (Ag) free gas atomised powder
  • Different size fractions available on request for DED

Yield Strength

  • AlSi10Mg – 238 MPa
  • A20X Powder – 440 MPa

Ultimate Tensile Strength

  • AlSi10Mg – 306 MPa
  • A20X Powder – 511 MPa


  • AlSi10Mg – 11%
  • A20X Powder – 13%


A20X™ powder for additive manufacturing can produce mechanical properties unrivalled by aluminium-silicon-magnesium alloys. Typical properties for additively manufactured parts go up to 511MPa UTS, 440MPa yield and 13% elongation.



A20X™ powder is derived from the advanced A205 aluminium-copper-TiB2 alloy, giving A20X™ additively manufactured parts superior temperature performance compared to aluminium-silicon-magnesium powders.


Powder Characteristics

A20X™ powder is optimised for laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing with particle size range 20-63 microns.

The gas atomisation process used to produce A20X™ powder results in spherical, uniform powder with flowability suitable for use in all leading powder bed AM systems.

The world of A20X™