Aluminium Materials Technologies are pleased to announce the published independent research from a group led by Dr Carlo Biffi at CNR ICMATE, in Italy. The National Research Council, Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry and Technologies for Energy have also collaborated with Graz Centre for Electron Microscopy. Together the research team have carried out a detailed study of the metallurgy additive manufactured A205 alloy in the as-built condition. The paper discusses various aspects relating to parameters used in laser powder bed fusion, and reveals some highly interesting characteristic for this unique alloy.

The company is delighted to report that the findings of this talented research group are in line with our own published data for the mechanical properties of the as-built A205 alloy. More over, this work indicates the very promising nature of the as-built alloy. It further points towards the potential uses for the medium strength alloy in this non-heat treated condition, and very much compliments the companies own efforts to understand the thermal stability of the as-built microstructure.

The company congratulates Dr Biffi and his colleagues for producing such an excellent publication of their work. For more information on the A20X alloy please send us an enquiry, and to read the complete publication, this can be found here: Selective laser melting of AlCu-TiB2 alloy using pulsed wave laser emission mode: processability, microstructure and mechanical properties – ScienceDirect