Aluminium Materials Technologies are very pleased to annouce the high strength aluminium alloy A20X™ has reached another important milestone. The company has been successful in their registration of the alloy with new metal powder designations.

The Aluminum Association, internationally recognised as the body that assigns all new aluminium alloy designations has accepted the registration of A20X™ powder as:

  • 2A05.50 – 20-63 micron A20X powder
  • 2B05.50 – 20-63 micron A20X F1 powder

The creation of these new metal powder product designations allows industry to clearly identify the A20X™ product in use. This offers reassurance to those wishing work with A20X™ knowing it is an internationally recognised alloy with a fixed and standardised alloy composition.

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Aluminum Association accepts new A20X powder alloys
Aluminum Association accepts new A20X powder alloys