Magellan Aerospace (“Magellan”) and Aeromet International Ltd (“Aeromet”), have announced today that Magellan’s Haley, Ontario site has joined the global network of foundries licensed to manufacture cast parts using the advanced A20X™ aluminium alloy. Developed and patented by Aeromet in the UK, A20X™ is the world’s strongest aluminium casting alloy and is used in aerospace, defence, and space applications by major OEMs.

Magellan Aerospace

Mike Bond, Director of A20X™ at Aeromet, commented, “We are very pleased to welcome Magellan Aerospace to the global A20X™ supply chain. Demand for A20X™ castings is growing significantly as aerospace and defence customers seek to unlock the weight and cost reduction potential offered by the high strength alloy – the global supply chain is key to supporting customers around the world”.

New opportunities

Haydn Martin, Magellan’s Vice President, Business Development, Marketing and Contracts, said “Magellan is delighted to join the global network of A20X™ foundries and to be able to offer the unique benefits of A20X™ castings to its customers. The constant challenge for aerospace engineers is to find an optimum balance between strength and weight when designing a component.  The higher strength characteristics of this alloy open up new opportunities for engineers to utilize the advantages of cast components in critical aerospace applications where, traditionally, light alloy castings have not been able to meet the requirements.”

Class leading properties

The unique solidification mechanism and microstructure of the A20X™ aluminium alloy produces investment and sand cast parts with class leading mechanical properties and enhanced thermal performance. A20X™ is fully approved for aerospace with MMPDS and AMS classifications and are typically used in high strength, high temperature applications. For more information, visit

Download the press release: Magellan Becomes Aeromet A20X Advanced Aluminium Licensee