The world's strongest cast aluminium alloy


A20X™ aluminium castings open new opportunities for flight-critical components reducing complexity, machining and assembly. A20X™ castings are a viable aluminium solution for higher temperature environments.

Unlocking the potential of aluminium casting

The unique solidification mechanism of the patented, MMPDS approved A20X™ (A205) aluminium alloy transforms the design possibilities for aerospace components. By converting a component to an A20X™ casting, significant weight and cost reductions can be achieved.

Yield Strength

  • A356 – 130 MPa
  • D357 – 260 MPa
  • A205 – 420 MPa

Ultimate Tensile Strength

  • A356 – 205 MPa
  • D357 – 350 MPa
  • A205 – 470 MPa

High strength

A20X™ is the strongest aluminium casting alloy with typical mechanical properties of A20X™ cast parts up to 475MPa UTS, 415MPa yield and 3% elongation.


The A20X™ casting alloy offers fatigue properties equivalent to 7050 series wrought aluminium –  far superior to any other aluminium casting alloy.



The A20X™ casting alloy can produce parts that can operate at temperatures at least 50 degrees higher than the limits of conventional aluminium casting alloys.

The world of A20X™