Quality Management System BS EN 9120:2018

Supply of A20X alloy for casting and additive manufacturing

Aluminium Materials Technologies Ltd are very pleased to announce that it has successfully completed the second stage of the initial external audit of it’s quality management system.

A key requirement for any supplier to the aerospace sector is to have a robust system ensuring full traceability of all products and services. Hence, for the past year the company has been working towards the certification of its quality management system to the BS EN 9120:2018 standard. The company selected BSI Group to be the external certifying body based on their reputation for upholding high standards in the aerospace space sector. All aspects of the company’s Worcester based operations were reviewed with respect to the supply of A20X metal for its casting licencees, and powder for its additive manufacturing users. 

All A20X products are sourced and manufactured to tight specifications, and all fully documented in the quality management system. During the initial surveillance visit last month in April the company was found to have had no non-conformances in these procedures, or the quality manual. The company is now looking forward to receiving the formal certificate, that is to be issued in the coming weeks, and shall make further announcements when this occurs.

It’s a proud moment for our small company as the whole team have pulled together to ensure we operate under a robust quality management system. There has been a focussed approach on achieving all our customers expectations, and it’s not just about ticking boxes, it’s about getting it right first time, and making sure our A20X products are delivered to the very highest of standards.

Mike Bond

Managing Director, Aluminium Materials Technologies Ltd

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