The A20X™ Story

The A20X™ Story 

Prior to the formation of AMT Ltd, in the late 1990s Aeromet International, a foundry group based in the UK, set out to overcome the challenges associated with casting the A201 aluminium copper alloy. Developed decades earlier, the high strength of A201 made it popular for aerospace and advanced engineering applications but it was prone to hot tearing and shrinkage porosity when cast in complex shapes.

Aeromet’s metallurgical expertise and links to academic institutions allowed the company to take on a development project that led to the creation of this entirely new, unique aluminium alloy.

Exploring Potential

The A20X™ Story
Branded A20X™, the new alloy has an aluminium copper base but the addition of intermetallic titanium diboride gives it a unique solidification mechanism and ultra-fine microstructure. As a result, A20X™ is the strongest aluminium casting alloy in the world and it can operate in temperatures beyond other aluminium alloys in cast form.

Aerospace Approval

The A20X™ Story
This unique alloy gained patent protection in 2010 and is now patented in over 30 countries.

The unique characteristics and advanced properties of the alloy meant it had huge potential for aerospace applications. To unlock this potential and introduce the alloy to the market full aerospace approval was gained in 2012. AMS4471 for investment casting and AMS4482 for sand casting laid down a benchmark for design engineers. In addition, A20X™ has been approved on a customer specific basis by aerospace OEMs including Boeing.

Aerospace Production

The A20X™ Story
The fully approved A20X™ alloy has been licensed to a global network of casting suppliers capable of producing parts for aerospace and advanced engineering applications. This network includes foundries in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

A20X™ cast parts are now in production for high strength, high temperature applications in aerospace, including structural parts and engine components. The unique characteristics of A20X™ open up new possibilities for cast parts, often allowing significant cost and weight reductions to be achieved.

A20X™ Powder

The A20X™ Story

Originally developed as a casting alloy, A20X™ is now available as a powder for use in metal additive manufacturing, such as powder bed fusion and directed energy deposition. Suitable for use with all leading brands of AM equipment, A20X™ powder has produced parts with up to 477MPa UTS and over 13% elongation.

Future Developments

The A20X Story
In addition to cast and powder products, further development work is ongoing with sheet, extrusions and wire material in the pipeline.