A20X™, the aluminium alloy developed and patented by Aluminium Materials Technologies, has released the first data sheet for the F1 version of the World’s strongest cast aluminium alloy A205. Available for applications in Additive Manufacturing (AM) as a fine powder it’s ideally suited to all laser powder bed fusion systems.

The A205/F1 grade contains 2% titanium diboride, and as such fully complies with FIA regulations controlling the use of what are known as metal matrix composites (MMC). These materials are seen as offering superior properties and performance to standard alloys, and though A20X™ is not officially classified as an MMC, itself, for the purpose of the motorsport world it sits conveniently in this category. More importantly, the properties of this alloy are very similar to the parent material and for the first time the F1 teams can design and use parts in a high strength, high temperature aluminium alloy.

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